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everyboy icons
a b o u t

everyboy is captainoats's shiney new icon journal. this journal is not friends only, but you are still required to read the rules and follow them exactly. thanks.

r u l e s

1. read all of the rules.

2. when you use my icons, ANY OF MY ICONS, save to your own server, credit me in the keywords (click here), and comment on the entry where i posted that icon (or those icons).

3. please please please share these icons with friends, but make sure to credit me always.

4. give me constructive criticism. i need to know if you hate everything i make, or dislike that font, or think that color green is to dark. tell me!

5. you may nominate my icons for awards, but please notify me (especially if it is my personal icon, as i don't like those used by others till i'm done). i'd love to see what i'm nominated for!

6. i'm looking for affiliates, so leave me a comment here, and i'll see if i like your stuff. i can link you with a button (100x35) or a text link. either is good for me. also, my buttons are down at the bottom for linking back here, if you'd like to.

thanks for reading these. you can get some icons now.

l i n k s

- affliates

3am_icons / amiableicons / candied / desiderio / generationext / getmeapony / ickyblue / iconsomnia / invisibleicons_ / jusley / killed_icons / lunchbox_icons / nellnoir / onesunset / paintme__blue / pygmycreampuff / rentboy_icons / sensible_icons / slowdear / spookshowicons / takentoken / tinycaskets / ve_ve

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- link to everyboy

please upload to your own server. thanks. :D

- my other icon journals

if you're looking for base-like icons for rp-ing with, I also own rpg_pb_icons, where you can request high-quality rpg pb icons.

communities that i post in: goodhplotricons / takenote_icons / goodicons / good_fanicons / greyselite

r e s o u r c e s

everyboy's resources are now located here, in a brand new resources post.

check the memories out - every entry is in there, catagorized. if you're looking for an icon (or set) i've made, you'll find it there.