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17 Harry Potter and the HBP quote icons

I know you're probably all sick of seeing these things already, but I have some too. Under the cut there are 17 icons with quotes from HBP, and they can be considered spoilers. If you (still) haven't finished, don't look at them, okay? Don't say I didn't warn you.



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Also, you should check out __happenstance's ones over here (SPOILERS there too) - they're so much better than mine.
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20 Broadway quote icons

Just another random batch - 20 Broadway qutoes, all from muscials, including:

-10 Hairspray
-8 All Shook Up
-1 Wicked



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Comment and credit, and enjoy! :)

Also, if anyone has any broadway quotes like these that they want on a icon, comment, give me the quote, and tell me what color to make the icon, and i'll do it. :)
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craaazy new icons - firefly, spiderman, and garden state

i found these awsome bases by dearest and graphicjunkie, and decided to make completely insane random icons. i've never done anything in this style before, so be nice! they include:

+5 firefly icons
+6 spiderman icons (the first one)
+4 garden state icons



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comment, credit, and enjoy.

also, everyboy has an amzing new affiliate - spookshowicons...check them out right now. seriously. go.