emily (captainoats) wrote in everyboy,

Requests - NOW CLOSED.

Right. For New Years, I'm gonna take icon requests. I'll close requests when I feel like I've got enough (which I'm sure wont be any time soon). Closed. :D

These are the guidelines for the requests:

- Subjects I'm most likely to make good icons of: Lost, LotR, HP, Firefly/Serenity, and most movies and actors/actresses.

- Only one icon per person (You never know how many variations I'll make, though).

- Please provide a clear and understandable request, and be as specific as you can - colors, text, fonts, etc.

- Of course, it's best if you provide me with a high quality picture to work with, but as long as it's ok to work with, it'll be fine. Please just give me a link to it in your comment.

- Please credit captainoats or everyboy when you use your icon, as always.

- Your icon can either be shareable (anyone can use it) or just for you, so let me know in your comment.

- If you like certain icons I've made before, feel free to let me know and I'll try and use it when making your icon.

- I can't do mini-movies or animation (I suck at them, seriously). Sorry.

Requests are open. Comment here.
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