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my first icon tutorial

Well, I decided to do a tutorial for one of the icons I posted yesterday. The icon, when I made it, was simple enough, but the explanation managed to be harder to do than the icon. Anyway, if you were curious as to how I made this icon:

then this tutorial is for you. Done in PSP 8, and Animation Shop 3, but probably do-able in other programs. Sort of image-heavy. You also need basic knowledge of icon making and how to use PSP.

Now, I decided I'm to lazy to re-create the exact same icon, but we're making basically the same thing:

1. First, find two screencaps that you like, that could easily animate into one another (these ones are thanks to can't take the sky):


2. Now, since we want most of our image in the frame, and we want everything to line up smoothly in the final icon, resize both screencaps so that they are 100 pixels tall.


3. Take each screencap, copy it, and paste it into a new image that is 100x100 pixels in size. When you paste it in, your image should be centered exactly, so leave it alone placement wise. Also, don't sharpen anything yet, because nothing is in it's final size yet.


4. Now flatten both images ('merge all' will do that) and resize them to whatever size you like - I chose 80x80.


5. Sharpen both images once.


6. Copy each image, and set them both aside for later. Now, paste both images as new ones (they should still be the same size, as well as sharpened), and use the motion blur feature to get something that looks like this:


7. Set those two images aside for later as well. Now, create a new image, 100x100 pixels, white background. On a new layer, center a frame brush (I have no idea where this one came from - does anyone know?), making the size of the brush four or so pixels larger than your image (so in this case, the brush is 84x84).

8. Now, take each the first of your 80x80 images that you set aside (it should be the first cap, sharpened not blurred) and paste it under the frame layer, and flatten the image. Copy it and set it aside.

9. Unflatten the originial "frame" image, delete the first 80x80 picture, and repeat step 8 with the other three 80x80 pictures, on at a time, until you have four flattened images set aside, size 100x100, with your framed images.


10. Open up your animation program and paste all four of your frames in in this order (image 1, blurred image 1, blurred image 2, image 2, blurred image 2, blurred image 1):

11. Now change the values that are in 'frame properties' for 'display time' for each frame, making the unblurred images long (mine are at 300) and the blurred images very short (mine are at 7). Experiment until you get something you like. Save as a .gif, and ta-da, a finished icon!

Any questions? Also, please don't make te exact same icon with the same pictures, frame, etc. This tutorial is so that you can see how this technique is done. I'd love to see what people have done wiht it, though, so share your final results. :)

You can use the icon if you'd like, but comment and credit as you normally would. :D
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